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LTSG Annual Picnic

Saturday, June 8; 12-3pm

Our annual picnic will again be held at Lakeway City Park. Families + children are welcome and encouraged. There will be food, fellowship and music.

Large Marge the Party Barge

Saturday, September 28; 4-8pm (TBC)

This year's sunset cruise on Large Marge the Party Barge will on Saturday, 9/28. Ship boards at 4pm and cruises from 4:30-8. There will be food, fellowship and swimming. Friends and families welcome!

Birthday Meeting

Last Saturday of the Month, 10am

Lakeway Church

Monthly Speaker Meeting

Last Friday of the Month

7-8pm Food and Fellowship

8-9pm Meeting

Lakeway Church

Austin Citywide - Largest AA Meeting in Austin

Third Saturday of the Month

Riverbend Church

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Steering and Group Conscience Schedule

- Steering Committee - 1/21/24: 5pm

- Steering Committee - 3/3/24: 5pm

- Steering Committee - 6/2/24: 5pm

- Group Conscience - 6/22/24: 11:15am

- Steering Committee - 9/22/24: 5pm

- Steering Committee - 11/17/24: 5pm

- Group Conscience - 12/15/24: 11:15am

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