September 25, 2022
5:00pm - In-Person


LTSG Trusted Servant and Steering Committee Chair Kent S called the meeting to begin at 5:00 pm. and opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.


Attendees – Mike F, (Treasurer), Troy M (Treatment Centers), Paul G (Supplies), Charis B (GSR Rep), Denise C (Interim Secretary), Paul B (Intergroup Rep), Tyler D (Special Events), Dimitry G (Literature), Eli J (Grapevine Rep), Robby A (Serenity Member), Suzanne B (Serenity Member)


I Trusted Servant Report:

Treatment Centers-Troy

  • Agreed to a commitment to the Makana Path group 1st Sunday and 5th Sunday of every quarter to bring them a meeting in Elgin, TX

  • Women have been taking meetings to The Promises Rehab Center.  They are considering taking a Sunday night Speaker meeting to this facility

  • Troy mentioned there is a two hour workshop for people interested in working with treatment centers now that there are more opportunities as things open up.  He did not provide more details on this yet, but I can ask Troy to provide more if people are interested.


Treasurer  - Mike F.

The operational account took a larger hit due to the Capital of Texas hospitality suite this quarter, however the reserve account in good shape at $4,000.  Mike provided the August monthly balance sheet to the steering committee highlighting revenues, expenses and our ending August balance totaled $2,590.00


General Service Rep – Charis

  • On Oct 14 -16th there is an Area fall assembly in Round Rock, TX – this is a twice yearly event and is also a voting assembly

  • She also brought up that there are 4 positions coming open in 2023 for Intergroup reps – applications starting in November – info on Austinaa.org.  If anyone is interested they should go to the website and 2 years of sobriety is a requirement


Intergroup  - Paul B.

Paul went through the Intergroup August financials and the August Assets and Liabilities balanced out to $73,829.57.00 and August net income was $602.88.


Literature – Dimitry G

No updates


Grapevine – Eli

New Grapevine inventory is to be picked up.   We have a 2 year subscription


Special Events – Taylor

Large Marge the Party Barge – over 100 tickets sold!  30 of the 100 have paid.  75 will pay and 25 kids are free.  Ordered T-shirts to offset the cost.  He thinks we can make about $800-900 to offset the cost


Supplies – Paul G

All is well for supplies at this time


II Old Business

  1. Kent has agreed to put together an email to share with the Serenity members how our Seventh Tradition money is spent and how the funds are distributed.

  2. New By-Laws to be drafted – The Steering Committee appointed Robby A and Suzanne B to provide an updated set of written by-laws for The Lake Travis Serenity Group (as what is in place today is completely out dated and not adhered to anyhow).  Robby and Suzanne will assemble a committee to draft these new by-laws which will then be voted on and approved in a Group Conscious meeting at a date to be determined.

  3. We also discussed performing a Group Inventory and it was suggested we take this on after the new by-laws are in place – likely sometime in  2023


III New Business

  1. As the appointed Secretary has not been able to attend Steering Committee meetings, the Steering Committee voted to appoint Denise C to stand in for the Secretary position until the end of the year.  The group agreed. ☺

  2. Mike F, our Treasurer made a suggestion to increase our monthly rent for the Lakeway Church from $600/month to $750/month.  The last time it was increased was Nov 2016, from $550 to $600. It was noted that access to this room is available to LTSG as much as we need, 7 days a week and rent includes electricity, water, and everything we need.  As we cannot make any increases to our prudent reserve of $4,000 and the church has been so good to our group, we want to keep in  good standing with them.  When the pandemic hit and we did not have access to this facility, it was quite clear just how nearly impossible it was to find anything close to what this facility offers in rent.  As such, being good stewards, Mike strongly recommended we proactively offer the church more in monthly rent. A motion was raised to raise the rent to $750 and all agreed  - this will be effective Oct 1st.

  3. Dimitry brought up the need to broaden our support of the Intergroup Hotline.  Currently it is only being broadcast in the men’s meetings to request volunteers.  He wants to widen this scope to woman and have a link on our website for those who want to sign up. In order for anyone to man (or woman)  the hotline, there is a requirement of  6 months of sobriety.


Adjourn – Meeting adjourned at 6pm and closed with the Serenity Prayer.

>>Minutes submitted by Denise C, LTSG Secretary<<