January 9, 2022
5:00pm - In-Person


Attendance: Trusted Servants Kent S, Mike F, Taylor D, Norie M., Christina G., Charis B, David R., Dmitry G., and Suzette P. As well as former Webmaster Robby A. and Supply Chair Greg S.


The Chair Kent S. opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer, followed by reading Traditions One, Two, and Five. Kent continued with a formal greeting, a reminder of Rule 62, a Quorum Check (at least 11 SC members of 20 current), and a reminder of the meeting procedure (action by motion, second, discussion, vote).



Chair: Kent S. Made a motion to read and adopt the last Steering Committee meeting minutes

dated 11/07/2021.

A motion was made and seconded to read, accept and adopt. A vote was called, and the motion was unanimously passed.


Chair Reports

Treasurer: Mike F. reviewed the Treasurer Report dated December the 31st of 2021. He reported LTSG had a very good 7th tradition month: $1423, the highest since July 2020. LTSG had approx. $1350 in expenses in December, including $428 for chairs. The December ending balance of $2549 does not include $600 in rent and $1000 in quarterly contributions (1st of 4 in 2022) that were paid in early January. Mike also communicated that there has been a small book expense so far in 2022.Current checkbook balance is $907. In closing he reported 2021 as being the worst year in LTSG receivables to date.

GSR: Charis B. reported she attended her first District 3B3C meeting (1st Sunday of every month) held at the Northland Group on 1/2/2022 as LTSG new GSR. It was recommended in that meeting that any new GSR’s should attend an Area Meeting to take place January 21st – 23rd, in which she agrees to do so.

Literature Representative: Demetri G. reviewed the book purchase that was mentioned prior in the financial report. He added more supply of “As Bill See’s it” and “Daily Reflections”. Demetri proposed the question of asking the group to volunteer for service at Intergroup, they currently have need for a group to take on weekends. It was agreed to take this matter up at a later time.

Intergroup Representative: Paul B. reported he is on board with his current position and will be attending intergroup meetings as planned.

Achieves Representative: Suzette P. proposed the idea of preserving the voices of the LTSG “Old Timers” for the purpose of adding material to our group archives. She proposed that we create a questionnaire in which the old timers will be interviewed and recorded. It was agreed to discuss this matter at a later time.

Special Events: Taylor D. and Norie M. conveyed that they have started collaborating about the special events to take place in the spring of 2022. The LTSG annual Whiffle Ball Tournament is expected to take place in sometime between March or April, followed by the annual LTSG picnic in May.

Supplies Chairperson: David R. confirms that he is up to speed with his duties. He mentioned that the some items are out of stock at Sam’s Club. Greg S. the former supply chair added that David can pick up supplies at any and submit a receipt for reimbursement by the group.

Webmaster: Christina G. reported that she has joined former Webmaster Robby A. in discussions about the LTSG website. Christina conveyed that the hosting is now being converted to Wix from an old Word Press Site. Robby A. has agreed to contribute to cover the expenses associated with Wix for the fist year. Christina also added she is very familiar with building a website in Wix specifically, they both concluded that the new site is being worked on currently and plan to have it live in the near future.

Communications Chairperson: David D. reviewed the history of chairs in this role and the discussed some of the prior complications using Gmail in the past. David described how the new email software Mail Chimp has resolved those complications. One of the new solutions is QR code poster that allows newcomers easy access to sign up for emails. As a measure to encourage sign up David agreed to look into creating a large poster that the group will use to attract people to join the email list.

Old Business

  1. LTSG Bylaws – It was agreed that the Chair Kent S. would deliver the Bylaws to the board for review. Mike F made a motion and it was seconded to table this discussion to the next meeting. A vote was called, and the motion was unanimously passed.


New Business

  1. 2022 Steering Committee meeting schedule. Kent circulated the steering committee

    meeting schedule for review. A motion was made and seconded to adopt and accept. That motion was pass unanimously.

  2. Website migration to Wix - The group discussed the moving of the website platform from an old WordPress version to Wix. Robby volunteered to cover the first year of subscription per the above. A motion was made and seconded for Christina to proceed in the web development duties with the new program. That motion was passed unanimously.

  3. Terms of Service – The group discussed that trusted servant tenure and suggested lengths of sobriety for service positions should be reviewed. Mike, Suzette, and David agreed to form a sub-committee to review and report back at the next steering committee meeting.

  4. LTS phone reinstatement – The group discussed the difficulties centered around the phone such as the account set up, who’s name it will be under, etc. The group decided if someone wants to mention this topic at the next Group Conscious meeting to allow the group to decide.

  5. Group Inventory - The process of a group inventory was discussed. No action was taken.

The meeting was closed with the “we” version of the Serenity Prayer.

--Meeting adjourned 6:35 PM--