November 13, 2022
5:00pm - In-Person


This meeting was noticed for and conducted live at the Lakeway Christian Church, at 2203 Lakeway Blvd in Lakeway Texas, in the Big Room. Committee members Kent S, Mike F, Denise C, Lisa B, Troy M, Tom M, Paul B, Eli J, Suzette P, Taylor D, Jeff L, Andrew M, Paul G, Dan S, and Gwyn D were present. LTSG member Robby A. also attended.

Steering Committee Chair Kent S. called the meeting to order at 5:00pm., and the meeting began with a group recitation of the Serenity Prayer.

The meeting commenced with roughly 15 members present. Kent S. opened with a review of Traditions 1, 2 and 5.

1. We next went through updates from each of the committee chairs

Treasurer (Mike F)

Outstanding balance - $1,440   Quarterly Spend -  $1000  Quarterly  Contributions -  $1,000   Mike wants to increase prudent reserve of $4000 to something larger.  No further action at this point.   The Large Marge the Party Barge Event ended up with a loss of $83.  However, we would have lost more if Tyler’s T shirts didn’t help offset the costs. (Thank you, Tyler!)


GSR and Alternate GSR (Charis B (not present) and Lisa B)

No update

Treatment Facilities (Troy M)

Members have been taking meeting to the Makana Path treatment facility in Elgin.  As well, members have also taken meetings once a month to Positive Recovery in Spicewood.  Tom M shared there is a new treatment facility called Heartwood where he and a few men have helped a few men with sponsorship.  Potentially looking to expand.


Correctional Facilities (Tom M)

Still waiting for correctional facilities to let AA folks back in to bring meeting to prisoners.


Intergroup (Paul B)

Coverage is filled up for Nov/Dec   Financials look solid, but down from last year.


Literature (Dmitry G)

No updates


Grapevine (Eli J)

Nothing to report – Lisa B said she would donate several Grapevines from her personal library


Archives (Suzette B)

Nothing to report


Special Events (Taylor D and Norie M)

Great job on the barge!!  Great turn out – T-Shirts were a success and helped to offset the cost of the event.   


Public Info & Professional Cooperation (Jeff L)

Looking into possible Lunch and Learn opportunities with Physical Therapists in the area


Birthday (Gwyn D)

Doing great bringing cupcakes at every birthday meeting! 😊


Speaker Seeker (Andrew M)

Doing a great job getting speakers – Pat C is up next


Supplies (Paul G)

Needs powdered cream as we are out and needs to refill the coffee


Webmaster (Christina G)

Robby noted that we should update the website with any and all events that involve the Serenity Group (i.e. the off roading event).  Right now, it is empty and we want to show there is a lot of activities (which there are, we just don’t post everything we do on the website)

Communications (Dave D)

628 subscribers


Zoom Tech Team (Dan S)

Decline of participants in the zoom monthly speaker meeting (last one was only 1 participant).   

2.  Old Business

  • Kent agreed to share with the Serenity members how our 7th Tradition contributions are distributed.  This is to provide them with insight into where their contributions go and perhaps if they understand where the contributions go it may inspire more donations.   Kent has drafted the email and will distribute to the steering committee to review before sending it out to the membership.  Robby suggested once we publish it via email, we should also post it on the website.

    • Another suggestion to spur additional donations and to make it easier, is to put the QR code in the basket to make it easier to donate via Venmo.


  • New proposed group guidelines (Robby A and Suzanne B special committee report).  Robby and Suzanne agreed to write up new guidelines for Serenity group. They are in the early stages and have suggested that instead of bylaws which we currently have in place today, we have traditions and customs.  Bylaws are typically used for corporations or 501C’s of which Serenity is not. As such we agreed the guidelines should be codified as traditions and customs.

3.  New Business


Chairs – the Steering Committee unanimously decided to acquire ten (10) new folding chairs for the chair rack.


Agenda items for December 10 group conscience

  • Trusted Servant positions up for election – positions include secretary, treatment center rep, correctional facilities rep, intergroup rep, literature rep, activities rep, birthday rep, speaker seeker rep

  • Decided to suggest for group conscience discontinuation of the Zoom portion of the speaker meeting for the Friday night speaker meeting, which would make election for that position unnecessary

  • There is a suggestion to have a conversation with meditation group regarding getting their own zoom account. Kent volunteered to have this discussion



Serenity Prayer




>>Minutes prepared by LTSG Secretary Denise C. from personal notes<<