May 17, 2020
5:30pm - In-Person


Attendance: Suzanne B, Mike F, Kristi S, Jeff M, Daniel J, Jake, Kent S, Linda S, Jason L, Robby A, Greg S.


Next Meeting: 7/19/2020 5:30 PM


Chair Reports

Events Chair: Taylor / Kent: The Annual LTS Picnic is postponed until further notice.


Treasurer: Mike F. reviewed the Treasurer Report. In April we brought in a little less than $1,100 in 7th tradition contributions. We paid $300 (half the usual monthly rate) to the church for rent.


Grapevine Rep: Jason L mentioned that Grapevine made an announcement today regarding past issues and stories being made available online for an undisclosed amount of time. The link to their site is on the LTS website. “Project Carry the Message” is a way to gift someone a Grapevine subscription. Further details on the grapevine website.


Literature Chair: Linda S mentioned that a lot of the Big Books in inventory are being written in. She suggested that we reserve a stack of Big Books for new people and use the written-in books for the group.


Supplies Chair: Greg mentioned that the group is good with supplies.


Webmaster: Robby may move the website to a different platform in the future. Meeting formats and meeting minutes have been uploaded to the website. Robby mentioned that the church doesn’t have available space for our group to meet at the moment due to licensing issues with the preschool.

Jacob H. announced there will be a District Zoom meeting today at 2:00 to discuss what groups are considering reopening their meetings and the issues involved. There are differing opinions at the district level. Individual groups will have to make decisions based on local guidelines.


Meeting adjourned.