JULY 19, 2020
5:30pm - In-Person


Attendance: Suzanne B, Mike F, Jeff M, Daniel J, Jacob H, Jason L, Troy M, Kevin Z, Robby A, Greg S, Charis B, Tim M, Mary H, and Steph R.


Next Meeting: 9/202020 5:30 PM


Chair Reports

Treasurer: Mike F. reviewed the Treasurer Report. He shared that we averaged about $1,500 per month in 7th Tradition contributions pre-Covid. Our contributions have decreased significantly since converting to Zoom meetings. There was a substantial increase in contributions in July due to a few larger contributions coming in from a few attendees. This is not to be expecting in coming months. We need to be self-supporting and not dependent on the few people that do make contributions.

LTS maintains a reserve of $4,000 in a reserve account and typically maintains about $1,000 in the operating account.

Mike F. shared that the LTS Groups local branch of Plains Capital in Lakeway will be closing soon and we need to find an alternate bank soon. He is looking into several options.

Mike F motioned that we open a new bank account at a local Lakeway bank in order to keep the Treasurer’s task of bank trips convenient for him and any incoming LTS Treasurer, and that he be authorized to set the account up for the group. Steph R seconded, motion passed.


PICPC Chair: Jeff M. shared that a virtual beginners pack is being created for newcomers to AA.


Webmaster: Robby A shared that the website will be updated this coming week and that our new meeting times need to be updated on the Intergroup website. Daniel will inform Gary at Intergroup of the changes to LTS’s meeting schedule.

Suzanne B mentioned that pre-Covid meeting attendance averaged 200 to 350 people per week. We are now averaging 170-180 people attending Zoom meetings and 8 to 15 people attending in-person meetings per week. The church has stopped holding services but they have confirmed that we are still welcome to have our meeting as long as we follow the set protocols. Sunday and Monday night in-person meetings have had either zero attendance or very low attendance. Mary H is the monitor for the Monday night meeting and Olivia monitors the Sunday night meeting.

Jason L motioned that we send out an email asking for monitors for all in-person meetings. Robby A seconded, motion passed.

It was mentioned that once the groups meeting schedule is updated on the Intergroup website attendance may improve. Robby A mentioned that if particular meetings continue to have zero attendance we should let the group know and let them decide if we should continue to hold that particular meeting. It was also mentioned that meetings with 2 or 3 in attendance are also beneficial, especially to the newcomer.


Meeting adjourned.