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LTSG Group Conscience Meeting Minutes for Meeting Conducted

11:15am on Dec 10th, 2022

Lakeway Church


LTSG Trusted Servant and Steering Committee Chair Kent S called the meeting to begin at 11:10 a.m. and opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.


Preliminary matters.


- Serenity Prayer

- Reading of Traditions One, Two, Four, and Five

- Greeting from steering committee chair – 26 attendees.  Recognized the good work and social events we have had this year back from COVID – sincere thank you.

Consider change to LTSG speaker meeting format to discontinue Zoom component


Dan S - Attendance has been reduced to only a couple of people during the speaker meetings.   Considerations -  payment of the Zoom account.  Only real benefit occasionally the folks that are speaking have out of town folks attend.

- Discussion – clarify – maintain the zoom account, but not the logistical effort to broadcast the zoom meeting.

- Mike F – Moved to discontinue the Zoom portion of the monthly speaker meeting; Tom S seconded the motion. A vote was called, and there were none in opposition.

- Motion has passed

- Greg S moved that LTSG post this new information on the website; there was no second or vote, but general agreement in discussion that the website should be updated.


Service position elections


Secretary - Denise C was nominated, seconded, and voted in by acclaim as the new secretary.


Treatment facility committee chair Carol W was nominated and seconded, and voted in by acclaim as the new treatment facility committee chair.


Correctional facility chair  - Current chair Tom M indicated his willingness and desire to continue in this position. He was nominated, seconded, and confirmed by acclaim to remain.

Intergroup representative – Dmitry G was nominated, seconded, and confirmed by acclaim to this position.


Literature representative – A motion was made and seconded that Greg S and Suzie A both serve in this position; that motion was passed by acclaim; Greg S and Suzie A were then both nominated, seconded, and approved by acclaim as co-chairs.


Archives representative – Suzette P was nominated, seconded, and approved by acclaim to continue in this position.


Birthday chair –Sam S, Heather, and Suzanne were all nominated and  seconded, and accepted their nominations. After a first vote, no candidate held a majority. After a second vote between Sam S and Heather, Sam S was elected by a majority of those voting.


Speaker seeker – Paul B and Suzanne B were nominated and seconded to serve in this position. After a vote, Suzanne B was elected by a majority.


Supplies chair – Daryl M was nominated and seconded for this position, and accepted the nomination. There were no other nominees, and Daryl M was thus approved by acclaim.


Communications chair – Current chair Dave D and Robbie A were both nominated and seconded. Both indicated their willingness to serve (Dave D by prior conversation with Kent S). After a vote, Robbie A was elected by a majority of members present.


Zoom tech team leader – Current servant is Dan S, who indicated his willingness to continue. Dan S was nominated and seconded. There being no other nominations, Dan S was confirmed by acclaim.





A motion was made and seconded that the Group Conscience meeting be closed at 12:10 p.m. A vote was called, there was no opposition, and Kent S adjourned the meeting.


>>Minutes submitted by Denise C, LTSG Secretary<<

Meeting Schedule: Text
Meeting Schedule: Text
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