Meeting Schedule

Live Meetings

Lake Travis Serenity Group is back to live meetings every day of the week! Live meetings are held at the Lakeway Church.

  • Sunday - 7:00 PM Discussion
  • Monday - 6:45 PM  Big Book Meeting
  • Tuesday - 8:00 PM  Newcomers Meeting
  • Wednesday - 8:00 PM Men's Meeting  - Men Only Please
  • Thursday - 6:45 PM Women’s Meeting  -  Women Only Please
  • Friday - 8:00 PM Discussion Meeting, and Speaker Meeting the last Friday of the Month
  • Saturday - 7:15 AM Discussion, 8:40 AM 11th Step Meditation, 10:00 AM Discussion, 7:00 PM Discussion


Online Meetings (Zoom)

Most of our meetings have gone back to in person, and only a few meetings are left on Zoom. Note that on days with both Live and Zoom meetings, each are conducted separately*. The following is the schedule of our Zoom Meetings:

  • Wednesday - 8:00 PM Men's Meeting*  - Men Only Please
  • Friday - 8:00 PM Speaker Meeting** (ONLY last Friday of the Month)
  • Mon-Friday - 7:30 AM 11th Step Meditation. The Zoom room closes at 7:40 AM during the silent meditation, so be on time!

* The Men's Meeting is usually, but not always, on zoom. It's on if someone is available to open the meeting room.

** The Speaker meeting on the last Friday of the month is conducted as a single joint meeting of live and Zoom. The speaker is broadcast via Zoom, but there is no interaction with the viewers on Zoom (for example, chips).

Meeting Location

Lake Travis Serenity Group meets at the Lakeway Church: 2203 Lakeway Blvd @ the intersection of Lakeway Drive and Lakeway Blvd. Our meeting room is inside the building across the porte-cochere from the main sanctuary. All meetings are Open Meeting (Open Meeting means anyone with an interest in AA is more than welcome and invited to attend)

Other Lakeway Area Meetings

Day                       Time            Program   Location Information and Map (click location name to open map - please check to find out which meetings are on Zoom and which are Live in-person)

Sunday                  7:15am       AA              The Grove (Lakeway)

                                5:30pm       AA              Pedernales River Group, Spirit of the Hills Church

Monday                 12:00pm    AA              Keystone Group - open

                                  7:00pm      AA             Steiner Ranch - Open Meeting, Hill Country Bible Church

                                 8:00pm      AA              Marshall Ford Fellowship Group

Tuesday                12:00pm     Al-Anon    Emmaus Catholic Church

                                 6:45pm      AA              Lighthouse Group - Step Study

Wednesday          12:00pm     AA              Lighthouse Group - Open Discussion

Thursday               12:00pm    AA              Keystone Group - Closed Meeting

                                  7:00pm      AA              Big Book Study - Open Meeting Bee Creek United Methodist Church

                                  8:00pm      AA             The Lakeway Group - Open Meeting Baylor Scott and White Medical Office Building Suite 204

Friday                     12:00pm     AA               Keystone Group - Closed Meeting

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